CTI Systems

In Runcall we are experts in systems for Customer Care and Contact Center, and therefore we can offer complete multichannel contact Solutions. With our solutions you get:

  • Automated customer multichannel contact.
  • Quality Monitoring of customer care service.
  • Increase the availability of the customer service.
  • Improvement of the experience perceived by the customer.

All thanks to the following CTI applications:

  • ACDs - Automated Call Distribution Systems for inbound customer care services, Helpdesk, SAT, etc.. An ACD allows you to improve the service perceived by the client. It uses queue calls, with automatic distribution among a group of different agents. There are different policies of call distribuition: sequential, random, received calls, total calls by duration managed, etc. You can also set priorities for agent skills.
  • Dialers - Outbound Call Automation: Systems that allow Autodial to phone lists for telemarketing actions, coordination of visits or cash recovery. There are four modes, with varying degrees of automation of call: preview, power dialer, progressive or predictive.
  • IVR Systems - Interactive Voice Response: You can largely reduce the work load of your agents incorporating interactive call systems. The user selects via a DTMF tone or by voice prompts, the destination of his calls.
  • Call Recording Systems: With our systems you can access a reliable and large capacity voice recording system, for a fraction of the cost of other solutions.
  • Screen pop (pop-up): When receiving a call, the CTI system start a CRM (or ERP) session, and selects the record of the customer by ANI or CLID. Thus the agent can automatically see on the screen all the data and recent activity of the customer who has called.
  • Intelligent routing: handling of incoming calls based on dialed number (DDI), the caller's number (ANI or CLID), or date-time. You can upgrade this service functionality through integration with CRM (usually via webservice).
  • Reports and Call Monitor: Statistical and real-time monitoring of incoming calls and service levels, telephone activity, activity and productivity of agents, etc ...

Runcall has deployed several solutions for call center in Spain in recent years.

Call us and we will advise you.