Runcall RunBound

Progressive and Predictive dialer to Measure

Progressive predictive dialer, allows increased agent productivity and effectiveness of your outbound campaigns. Runbound is one of the most potent dialers market.

A dialer is a system called an automated manner to existing contacts from a list previously loaded in the system.
Runbound is the basis of all campaigns MST emission and is integrated with the ACD module.
The system supports 'call blending' or activity receiving and transmitting simultaneously.


  • You get triple the number of contacts made.
  • The system automatically manages all repetitive tasks: mark, detect communication situations and does not answer.
  • Provides a detailed statistical management result.
  • The system monitors the status of the agents and the queue entry, sets the pace of bearings depending on the situation and goals.
  • By the CTI system, in place of charge agents and displays appropriate data on the basis of the calls that are transferred to them at all times.

The AutoDialer is fully integrated with the ACD system, using the same software configuration, monitoring and listings.





  • Set the time back office call as post campaign.
  • Change time administrative status available configurable.
  • Surcharges configurable (for real-time campaign).
  • Depending on availability is raised or lowered the surcharge.
  • According effectiveness DB is up or down rings before pick up time.
  • Reprogramming by agent.
  • Configurable alerts of any variable via mail and sms.
  • The system automatically reboots.

Runbound is a universal and can be used to broadcast any campaign regardless of sector: Banking, Insurance, IT, Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, Trade Shows, Editorial, Food, Education, Collections, ...